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Grief and grieve, Heal!!!!!

How do we accept a great loss? It take time to heal from a grief. I don't believe not everyone can cope with a close one loss. Now, that I'm more into my spiritual journey. I understand a bit more about losing a close one (Family, Friends). First let give that human being who lost their love ones space and time to grieve. Then let them know your their for them. However, we do need to check upon them.

Because let me remind you grief creates or triggers: pain, sadness, sorrow, sever mental health issue. Ways to help them out is to let them cry it out or talk it out. The problem with grief is that you can attach to that feeling which come with grief. We as human are easy to get attached to the sorrow or sadness quick. Getting attach to grief we will creating health issue: depression, suicidal thought, anger, vengeance and trigger so many other issue. However, we can not see this health issue. When we are grieving. Until someone or a close one remind you that you still here alive.

So, when I have a friend or someone close to me. I try to talk it out or send healing energy to ease the pain. Which is soothing for them. Why, they will fall asleep and heal their own body. When we sleep we heal automatically. Remember they have other family member which need to be take care of it. Please keep in mind grief takes time to heal. The sooner you heal. You'll be kinder to yourself, find peace and find happiness in life again!!!

Healing grief is a process. As to let go of the past and live the present. As harsh this may sound we came here to live the present and not the past. Also, not to live forever, we have limited time to enjoy beautiful things in life!!!!! Just remember you had created beautiful memories with your love ones!!!

P.S. One more thing " What your thinking, reacting or feeling at the , moment. Is what you will be attracting in your life"

Lot's love, lights, and blessing!!!!


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