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Meet Mercedes

Certified Reiki Master I, II & III

& Life Coach


It's truly heartwarming to connect with you all and share in this beautiful journey of life. My name is Mercedes, and I walk the path of a Reiki master, inheriting the wisdom of my ancestors. Alongside, I embrace the roles of a physical empath and psychic medium, allowing me to navigate the spiritual realms with clarity and purpose.

In our existence as vessels with radiant souls, each of us holds a unique purpose in this lifetime. Reflecting on my own journey, I recall moments of feeling out of place in my youth. Yet, I recognize now that those challenges were essential for me to uncover the truth of who I am today. If given the chance, I would courageously embrace those obstacles once more.

Over the past three years, I've encountered numerous trials and triumphs. Through these experiences, I've come to view each difficulty as an opportunity for growth and success. I firmly believe that every problem carries within it the seed of a solution, except for death itself, which is an inevitable part of life. Regardless of our beliefs, whether we attribute them to God, the Universe, or another source, it's crucial to remember that challenges are temporary, and within every negative lies a positive waiting to be discovered.

Now, I stand before you, filled with excitement at the realization of my true self. Despite the judgments of others who may perceive me as eccentric or unconventional, I embrace my authenticity wholeheartedly. "I accept myself with all my flaws," I proclaim proudly. Beyond my spiritual journey, I fulfill roles as a financial advisor, mentor, and accountant, integrating my spiritual wisdom into all aspects of my life.

I encourage you all to take a deep breath and inquire during moments of anger, hurt, or confusion. Trust that within that moment of reflection, you will find clarity and perhaps the guidance you seek. Whether you resonate with my message or not, know that I am here to support, guide, or simply listen. As we journey together, let us remember that we are all beautiful kings and queens with a divine purpose in this lifetime. I am grateful for my mentors, teachers, and soul family who have guided me along the way, and I am ever attuned to the whispers of my intuition.

My YouTube channel serves as a beacon of confirmation, guidance, and learning, offering insights wherever your intuition may lead you. And remember, there is no definitive right or wrong in this journey of life. Success warrants celebration, while mistakes offer invaluable lessons.

This, I always say!

With love and light,


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