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Meet Mercedes

Certified Reiki Master  I, II & III

& Life Coach

Namaste king and queens


It’s beautiful to be able to say hi and check up on you guys.  All is well.  Well,  my name is Mercedes.  I’m a reiki master from my ancestor's bloodline ancestor.   Also, a physical empath, physic medium.   This is my spiritual journey.   We are vessels with beautiful souls and with a  purpose in this lifetime.   When I was young I always felt out of place.  But,  I'm assuming I had to go through all those obstacles in life of ups and downs. To discover who I am now.  I would go through it all over again.


About,  three years I've been experiencing so many ups and downs.   But, I guess it’s an opportunity to learn or succeed.   I always say there is always a solution for everything and the only thing that doesn't have a solution is death.  Keep in mind problems are temporary and god, or source, ala, or whatever is your belief.   God or source wouldn't give something you wouldn't be able to handle.  FYI,  it's temporary and look for the positive side of things on the negative side. 

I'm so excited to have discovered myself now.   Who I became, people  think I'm crazy or weird.  I really don't care. What anyone thinks or says.   This is my true self. “ I accept myself with all my flaws”.   Beside my spiritual journey,  I'm a financial advisor, mentor and accountant.   


Just take a deep breath and ask yourself why you are angry, hurt, confused or ask your body what's wrong.  That moment you're thinking.  I promise  you’ll find a solution or need to find someone to ask questions (just for reconfirmation to your question). 

This is me and I'm here to help, guide or just listen if it resonates with me or not.  Just scrolling. We are all beautiful kings and queens with a purpose in this lifetime.   I have a mentor, teachers and soul family.  I look for help or just listen to my intuition.  


This YouTube channel is a  confirmation, guidance, or to learn channel.  Or whatever your intuition calls is looking. 


Just keep in mind, there is no right or wrong.   If you're right, congratulations and if you're wrong is a lesson to learn.  I always say!!!

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