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1-1 Reiki Healing 30 minutes

  • 30 minutes
  • 44 US dollars
  • Client home or office location.

Service Description

Reiki Healing is tailored to address the specific chief complaint of each client. Depending on the client's situation, the healing may incorporate the use of crystals or be conducted without them. Once the session concludes, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the session, including what was healed, repaired, or cleared. This report will offer insights into the areas of focus and the progress made toward your well-being. After the session, it's essential to prioritize hydration and rest. Allow yourself time to fully absorb and integrate the healing energies. It is recommended to wait at least a week before scheduling your next session, giving your body and mind ample opportunity to feel the effects of the healing. Continuing with future sessions can provide ongoing support and further enhance your healing journey. Your practitioner will guide you on the frequency and timing of future sessions based on your individual needs and progress. May your healing journey be filled with profound restoration and well-being. Once the session is over will receive a report of finding and what was healed or repaired, rest, cleared. Or continuation of future sessions. Please dehydrate and rest. allow a week to feel healing. Before scheduling the next session.

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