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Online Coaching with Mercedes Bido

Mercedes C. 

"My MOTHER became my healer after my first session with her. To start off, it’s REAL you can feel when a weight is lifted or a change is happening during the session. I was dead asleep within two minutes laying down on the bed under her hands. I felt calm, peace and cold during the session. The room smelled like a strong rainy nature forest which I loved!! I recommend my mother not only because she is my mother but because I FELT and noticed a difference after just ONE session! I love you mom, you are incredible in what your passion is. You LOVE what you do and you can see it. I love it!! :)

Johanna Luna

I want to acknowledge the spiritual journey that Mercedes has embarked. From the moment that I connected with her I felt a sense of peace and safety. During my session for the first time I was able to calm my mind and feel at peace with my self. Her work dig deep into one’s soul to explore areas that need relief. She is gifted in the work she does. It was an honor to share time and space but most of all to have connected with such a beautiful soul. She will make you cry while at the same time make you feel happy! #amorypaz

Meet Mercedes

Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master,

Physic Angel Medium 

Namaste, fellow seekers of light,

I am honored to connect with each of you on this sacred journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. My name is Mercedes, and I proudly walk the path of a Reiki Master, drawing upon the ancient wisdom passed down through my bloodline and embracing the innate healing gifts bestowed upon me by my ancestors.

In addition to my role as a natural healer, I am also a physical empath and a psychic angel medium, allowing me to traverse the realms of energy and spirit with clarity and purpose.  In the tapestry of existence, we are vessels housing the radiant essence of our beautiful souls, each imbued with a unique purpose to fulfill in this lifetime.

As Deepak Chopra so eloquently reminds us, positive choices are the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Yet, we must cultivate an environment that nurtures and supports these choices, making them not only easy but also natural and enjoyable. It is through the alignment of our external surroundings with our internal aspirations that we truly thrive and flourish.

Let us walk this path together, supporting and uplifting one another as we journey toward a brighter and more fulfilling existence.

With boundless love and light,


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What I Specialize In

Reset, Align, Balance


Set Health Goals

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The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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